How To Enroll In The Dark Spartans Syndicate


  • Why do people join the Dark Spartans Syndicate?
  • Do you want to be an Elite, Legend, or God?
  • How to get access to the private Spartans tiers

Why do people join the Dark Spartans Syndicate?

The 4 core reasons people join the Dark Syndicate are…

  • Learning the repeatable winning philosophy Spartas lives by.
  • Learning sound principles to put the philosophy into action.
  • Proximity to a community of active sophisticated crypto investors
  • Access to exclusive Moonshots, Pre-sales, and NFT plays

Now when it comes to crypto and decentralized finance, we are in the EARLY stages of development. And because we are EARLY in this space, that makes a ton of room for mistakes for a new investor.

The single most important thing to us is that our Dark Spartans PREVENT mistakes as much as possible.

Sparta Framework: The key to winning is to prevent things that’ll make you lose — not chase after risky opportunities.

DO NOT do anything you are unsure of.

Remember, the world of crypto is decentralized (meaning it’s unregulated by the government or any institutions), so mistakes can rarely be undone.

Do you want to be an Elite, Legend, or God?

Tier Comparision Chart

If you want a better understanding of what’s inside the Spartan tiers, click the link below to the Spartans Syndicate Tier System:

How To Get Access To The Private Discord Tiers

  • Step 1: Buy Dark Spartans ($fSPA) tokens
  • Step 2: Send Dark Spartans ($fSPA) to syndicate wallet

Note: The token is called Dark Spartans but the token symbol is $fSPA. They both refer to the same token, so this article will use Dark Spartans and $fSPA interchangeably.

Step 1: Buy Dark Spartans tokens

The first step is buying enough Dark Spartans ($fSPA) tokens for the specific tier you want access to.

Investment Needed Per Tier:

Tier 1: Spartans Elites — 200,000 Dark Spartans ($fSPA) tokens to enter

Tier 2: Spartans Legends — 1,000,000 Dark Spartans ($fSPA) tokens to enter

Tier 3: Spartans Gods — 2,000,000 Dark Spartans ($fSPA) tokens to enter

Most people will buy Dark Spartans using either USDC tokens or FTM tokens.

(If you want to purchase Dark Spartans using BUSD or BNB, send us a message and we can create a tutorial for you.)

Here is how you buy Dark Spartans tokens using FTM tokens:

Click the link below to buy Dark Spartans ($fSPA) tokens on DarkKnight Finance

Don’t forget to go into your Metamask and set the network to Fantom Opera.

Once you successfully swap FTM for Dark Spartans ($fSPA) the next step is showing the $fSPA tokens inside your Metamask wallet.

How to add and see Dark Spartans ($fSPA) tokens inside your Metamask wallet

Click the Metamask extension on the top right of your browser

Click Import Tokens all the way at the bottom

Copy and paste the Dark Spartens Token Contract into the Token Contract Address.

Dark Spartans Token Contract: 0x63aad0448f58ae1b98d75456cfc6f39235e353f6

Final Step: Click “Add Custom Token” and then “Import Tokens” and it will automatically show your fSPA balance when you look at your Metamask wallet.

Step 2: Send Dark Spartans to Spartans Syndicate Wallet

The next step is sending your Dark Spartans tokens ($fSPA) to the Syndicate wallet. The syndicate wallet’s purpose is to accrue Spartans tokens, give it back to Spartans holders for rewards, or burn the SPA tokens to protect holders.

Our token is our currency to get inside the syndicate and a way for us to introduce you to the actions you should take in the crypto space.

How To Send fSPA Tokens To The Syndicate Wallet

First Step: Click the Metamask extension

Second Step: Click fSPA

Third Step: Click “Send”

Fourth Step: Copy and paste the Spartans Syndicate Wallet Address in the search bar.

Syndicate Wallet Address: 0x7cF9edf8454EE61E55FD27D12049e2ac2959324F

Enter the total amount of $fSPA tokens in the “amount”.

Fifth Step: Click next and double check the total amount of SPA tokens you are sending and then click “confirm”.

How to find the transaction hash (this is needed to confirm your entry into the Spartan tiers)

First Step: You can get the transaction hash by going to Metamask and clicking “Activity”

Second Step: Click on the “Send fSPA” transaction

Once you click on “Send fSPA”, click “View on block explorer.”

You’ll be taken to the website

Copy and paste this URL which includes your transaction hash.

The next step is submitting the transaction hash in a support ticket to the Spartans Leadership team. This is done through the Discord app.



Here is my transaction hash for the (Elite/Legend/) tier.

TX Hash Link:

After you do the steps above, the last thing is to wait patiently until the team reaches back to you :)

Once they do you’ll see the Spartans Syndicate private tiers and channels!

What the private tiers look like

If you have trouble… DO NOT WORRY! We have an amazing Spartans team ready to help you navigate the crypto space and walk you safely through the first steps.

If you tried to follow the steps in this article or video and still need help from our team, start by joining our discord and submit a support ticket to learn how to do all these steps safely.

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!



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