Would you rather watch a video on “The Major Problem in the Crypto Space”?

  1. Fragile Philosophy
  2. Fragile Principles
  3. Fragile Proximity
  • Is the ‘what’ and ‘why.’
  • Going over What is the system that’ll get you from where you’re at and where you want to be and have clarity of why you’re doing it.
  • Is the ‘how.’
  • Principles outline the key strategies you can follow to translate the philosophy into action.
  • Going over How to close the gap for new investors that want to multiply their money and use crypto as a tool to do that but lack the principles to know-how.
  • Is the ‘who.’
  • Who are you learning from and do they have skin in the game?
  • Our discord group is filled with sophisticated investors that are active in the game of crypto and WINNING because of the shared philosophy and principles.
  • Who you are
  • What are your preferences
  • What you are trying to accomplish
  • What resources do you have to achieve it

Fragile Philosophy:

1. The Lack Of Clarity

  • Fund my retirement
  • Live off the compounded interest so I never work again
  • Fund my highest priorities in life.

2. Rushing Is The Path

3. Things are black and white, it’s all or NOTHING

4. YOLO — You only live once

Fragile Principles:

#1 — Abdicating Resposibility

2. People Who Invest With Emotion (FOMO & GREED)

3. Not being able to spot a charlatan

You Can Review This In The Gitbook Link Above!

4. Impatience

Guardian On CoinMarketCap 4/25
  • You know the fundamentals and who is running it
  • You will have a higher probability of winning rather than just jumping into something blindly because someone else said something online about it being the “next big thing”

5. Listen to the narratives

6. Not learning

7. Play victim when things don’t go your way

Examples of Anti-Fragile Principles:

“Success Is The Progression Towards A Worthy Ideal”

Fragile Proximity:

  • Who are you surrounding yourself with and are they winning?
  • Do they have skin in the game?
  • Are they around you for your BEST benefit?
  • Are they challenging your reasoning, logic, and evidence?

The Major Problem: People build their foundation of life on sand.



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