Using Spartans NFTs to Enroll in the Spartans Syndicate


  • Acquire BUSD
  • Buy Spartan NFTs on Wizard platform
  • Use Spartan NFTs to sign up for Spartans Syndicate

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How to get BUSD

  • Buy BNB (can use or Metamask directly)
  • Use Knightswap to trade for BUSD.

Knightswap Website

Where to buy Spartan NFTs

  • Link is below for the Wizard Marketplace where you buy the NFTs (double check you are using the correct website for scam)

Wizard Marketplace

You can either buy Spartan NFTs through an Auction or through Fixed Price.

  • Double check the NFT contract! It is possible for scammers to sell the same image of the NFT but the contract is fake. Correct contract addresses are below.

Spartan 300 - 0x3Da11D42d364c2831ec56Fbc3AACEA6b37469f7A

Spartan 300 V2 - 0x4DaECcEef92F22f7EA69af2f4B50973e0267e3E2

S300 Version 3 - 0x40767001C1B35E646e2114b7D7503a8eeBd4dF56

Remember, you need 1 of each Spartan NFT (for a total of 3 unique NFTs) in order to get access to the Spartans Legend tier.

How to see your NFT

Paste your wallet address into either of the websites below if you’d like to check which NFTs are in your wallet.


How to enroll in Spartans Syndicate

  • Head to the Spartans Syndicate Discord
  • Verify that you have all the 3 NFTs needed to move up to the Spartans Legend tier through #collabland-join

This will take you to Collab.Land where you will connect your Metamask for verification of the 3 NFTs.

Once you’ve been verified, the Discord server will grant you roles to confirm your NFT ownership.

Go to channel #support-ticket and click “Create ticket”.

You’ll then see a #ticket channel pop up.

Include the following information in the support ticket:

  • I have the 3 NFTs for the Spartan Legend Tier
  • Here is my wallet address: (paste your Metamask wallet address)

After that, our leadership team will verify you, and then you’re all set!



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